Washout weekend of downpours before temperatures soar for 4 week 30C heatwave

Brits are set for downpours of rain in different parts of the country, but it’s hoped a long heatwave from mid-July on will follow.

According to the Met Office, Thursday to Sunday will see some heavy rain in parts of England, beginning with the south east and then Wales and the Midlands.

It comes after parts of England have been battered with rainy weather in the past few days, with the south east recording a month’s worth of rainfall in just one day on Friday.

But on Friday showers will hit the east of Scotland and north east of England too.

Rain in the south will continue till Sunday, with heavy downpours and potentially thunder expected on Monday too.

But next week there will be warmer skies with soaring temperatures expected to usher in July.

that will linger on for much of next month as a heatwave will see temperatures soar from the middle of next month.

Some areas show highs of almost 30C in July with parts of the North West, including Manchester and Coventry, could reach 28C on July 5.

The Yorkshire Dales and Leeds are expected to hit a high of 27C on the same day.

Meanwhile further south, those in London, Kent and Essex could reach 25C.

The BBC’s forecast for the first few weeks of July states: “Toward mid-July the pattern is likely to be rather changeable with mixed dry and warm spells and an increased chance of a brief heatwave.

“The extent of high-pressure influence in western and northern Europe is the main source of uncertainty for the forecast.

“This would be a very warm pattern for the UK with a potential for heatwaves.”

Here is what you can expect in your areas in the next few days.

London and south east England
Mostly dry but there will be some spells of rain in the south east towards the evening which are expected to be light but there may be some heavy downfalls.

There will be a cloudy and damp start on Friday but brighter spells developing by the afternoon.

But there is also the risk of heavy showers and perhaps isolated thunderstorms.

Saturday looks “largely fine” as it there will be sunny spells but the risk of heavy showers remains, the Met Office said.

Largely fine Saturday, with sunny spells, but heavy showers possible.

Cloudier Sunday and Monday, with further showers and potentially thunders on Monday. Temperatures will reach a maximum of 22 on Friday.

South West of England
Damp and mucky start to Thursday, with patchy rain that will “come and go” and the chance of the odd heavy shower around Gloucestershire.

Widespread rain, however, will push in overnight.

But the forecast looks better for Friday as there will be “plenty of sunshine” in the afternoon.

Saturday will see mostly sunshine and some showers which could at times become heavy.

Cloudy start to Sunday while widespread rain on Monday could also turn heavy at times as winds strengthen too.

North East of England
A few outbreaks of rain are expected while fog will appear across Pennines, but brighter spells will follow in the afternoon as the rain clears.

Further rain and cloud spreading south during the evening. Maximum temperature 23C.

Friday doesn’t look any better as outbreaks of rain and drizzle are expected with the average temperature being at 13 °C.

And Saturday looks just as cloudy and dull as there could be further outbreaks, but it is expected it will become drier throughout the day.

Plenty of warm sunshine Sunday and Monday.

North West of England
Cloud becoming widespread before outbreaks of rain across the region.

Friday also looks rather cloudy with a with a mixture of rain and showers at times, but brighter spells are expected too. Maximum temperature 22C.

Cloudy and damp on Saturday but with some clearer and brighter spells later.

It will feel warmer by Sunday as it’s largely clear and dry on Sunday and Monday. Maximum temperature 19C.

East Midlands
Clouds could clear for brighter spells through the afternoon, but occasional showers are likely. Maximum temperature 22 °C.

Friday looks rather cloudy with outbreaks of rain and drizzle through the morning. Hopefully brighter in the afternoon.

Saturday looks dull with cloudy skies and outbreaks of rain, and just a few brighter spells in some parts but it turns drier through Sunday with showers clearing south.

Warm and sunny on Monday.

West Midlands
Rainy spells likely to break into showers in the afternoon with bright spells expected and a maximum temperature 22C.

Rain becomes widespread in the evening, turning heavy at times.

On Friday a cloudy start will be followed by rain that becomes more frequent throughout the day.

Some sunny spells in between showers too. Maximum temperature 21C.

While Saturday starts with clouds there will sunshine and showers later. It will be drier on Sunday but cloudy, while Monday is expected to have more sunshine.

Dry morning with sunny spells but becoming cloudier with rain spreading southeast to all areas by late afternoon. Maximum temperature 22 °C.

Wet start to Thursday night before it clears, although theodd light shower is expected around Lough Foyle.

Mostly dry with north coast becomingmainly sunny on Friday afternoon and sunshine breaking through elsewhere in the north and west later.

A lot of dry weather for the weekend but it’s set to be cloudier on Monday.

Cloudy with some spells of showers in the afternoon.

It will stay cloudy and rain at times, quite heavily in the Borders but otherwise light.

Much cooler on Friday as it will be cloudy with outbreaks of rain which over East Lothian and the Borders will be more persistent. Still cloudy on Saturday but dry with some long sunny spells.

Sunny spells by the afternoon but there is a chance of heavy or even thundery showers, especially towards the English border. Maximum temperature 22C.

Rain will spread across Wales overnight becomes widespread overnight but will have largely cleared by morning.

Friday will start cloudy but there will then be a day of sunshineand showers for northern and central parts. Maximum temperature 21 °C.

Cloudy with showers on Saturday but there will be more sunny spells on Sunday.

Fine start to Monday but there could be rain over the south later.