Food addict drops eight dress sizes after removing 75% of her stomach in £10k op

A food addict has had most of her stomach removed in a bid to tackle her weight problems once and for all.

Sophie Goodman spent £10,000 on surgery to have 75 per cent of her stomach taken away so she was forced to permanently eat less.

The 25-year-old from Manchester had struggled with diets for several years but decided ‘enough was enough’ and opted for medical intervention instead.

She borrowed money from family members to pay for surgery in 2019 and now, 17 months on, says she has never been happier.

The recruitment consultant has already dropped six dress sizes from a 24 to a size 12 and said her life had ‘incredibly changed for the better’.

“I have always been a big girl,” Sophie explained. “I grew up in a Jewish family so I was brought up with a love and appreciation of food.

“But without realising, food became my best friend and I was addicted to eating.

“I would turn to food for every emotion. It didn’t matter if I was happy or sad, food was always involved.

“I found myself lying about what I had eaten during the day so I could eat again with friends.

“Along with hiding wrappers from my parents at home.”

Sophie said she tried various diets but none ever worked on the psychological side of her overeating.

“I tried every diet in the book, but I realised I needed help to battle an addiction.

“I needed a medical intervention.”

Sophie would eat at McDonald’s for breakfast and Subway for lunch daily followed by a Chinese for dinner – up to three times per week.

She remained active and played netball religiously, but the pounds began to pile on.

In June 2019, she heard about weight loss surgery and knew it was the right decision.

“A gastric sleeve was the best option for me,” she said.

“I was originally going to have a gastric band, but I didn’t like the fact you could tighten and loosen it. I wanted something more permanent to help me control my portion sizes”

“Before the surgery, I was spending £15-20 per day on takeaways for breakfast and lunch.

“I would then have a takeaway twice or three times per week which would cost roughly £20 each.

“I don’t know how I used to manage all of the food.

“I was desperate for a lifeline.

“I knew the surgery was going to change my life and it has.”

Sophie went under the knife on December 13 2019, at Tonic Weightloss Surgery in Leeds.

“I just didn’t realise how incredibly my life would change for the better by having weight loss surgery,” she said.

“I have completely changed my eating habits and no longer opt for an unhealthy option such as a burger and chips.

“Now, I’d go for a chicken salad as I can eat more of it.”

“Every day is different, but on the whole, a side plate is the perfect portion size for me.

“I am finally living my best life like a 25-year-old should be. I love being able to go into any shop and buy a size 12. It’s an amazing non-scale victory.

“I don’t openly share my weight because it gives an opportunity for people to judge you.

“My weight loss journey has ironically proved to me that the number on the scale actually means nothing compared to the happiness and the way my quality of life has improved.”