Baker Mayfield’s agent thinks contract will get done this summer

Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said earlier this month that he isn’t in a rush to sign a contract extension, but one of his agents does not think he’s going to have to wait too long.

Jack Mills told Tony Grossi of WKNR that he doesn’t feel the need to wait for Bills quarterback Josh Allen or Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson to sign new deals “there’s been enough contracts done for quarterbacks lately that give us a pretty good idea of what the market is” for Mayfield.

While Mills said talks with the Browns and his son Tom, who also reps Mayfield, have not moved to specifics about when it will be done, he has a feeling that it will be sooner rather than later.

“But I think something will be done this summer,” Mills said. “As far as trying to get a deal done, I don’t know if it’ll get done. It’s something that would be pretty much in the team’s control.”

The Browns picked up Mayfield’s fifth-year option this offseason, so he’s signed to a guaranteed contract through the 2022 season. That makes an extension less urgent this summer, but it seems there’s still a feeling that things are going to move forward in the coming weeks.