Hero dad pulls his son from burning car ‘seconds’ before it explodes in fireball

A father and son who were on the school run made a terrifying escape from their car after it burst into flames and just ‘seconds’ before it then exploded.

Steven Pile was in their BMX X5 car with his four-year-old son and managed to carry him away from the fire and to safety.

Shellie Pile, Steven’s wife, described the “terrifying” events.

She said : “He [Steven] ran from the car and within seconds the engine exploded and the whole car was on fire.

“We’re so grateful that no one was hurt, everyone is safe and we can’t thank enough the nearby neighbours that came out of their homes to help and the emergency services that helped Steve and our son as this was happening.”

Shellie said: “It was such a terrifying thing to happen to them both and my husband did a great job of sheltering our son from the severity of what was happening.

“I’m just so grateful that the both of them were not hurt and that no one else around the area was injured.

“The emergency services were brilliant and there was a lovely lady who came out of her home to give our four-year-old an ice cream to cheer him up.”

Locals in Ainsdale, Southport, took to social media upon hearing bangs and seeing flames and black smoke rising from the vehicle.

One person said: “I saw this after picking up from the school run, glad everyone involved was okay.”

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service attended the scene on the afternoon of June 22 and found a white BMW, owned by Steven Pile, engulfed in flames.

Fire crews managed to control the blaze and put it out.

A spokesperson from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews used a high-pressure hose reel jet to extinguish the main body of the fire, and used dry powder on the gearbox compartment.

“It is believed the fire started accidentally. Fire crews left the scene at 3.33pm.”