Google Is Bringing This Quirky Feature To Give Its Find My Device An Edge Over Apple’s Find My Network

Google’s Find My Device app is the company’s competitor to Apple’s ‘Find My’ network. Among the two, Apple’s Find My network is considered the better version of the software as it helps locate not just one’s iPhone, but their iPad, their Apple Watch, their AirPods, iPod, and other Apple devices. And with the launch of Apple’s AirTags, you can pretty much find anything that you have misplaced using the Find My network. Compared to all this, Google’s Find My Device seems rather limited. And Going by reports, it seems that Google does recognise the fact and may be preparing to build its own crowdsourced network of devices.

According to an APK teardown of Google Play Services version 21.24.13 (beta) by XDA Developers, Google is working on a “Find My Device” network leveraging Google Play Services to “allow your phone to locate your and other people’s devices.” This means that Google is preparing a network that will not only locate your own devices, but can allow you to help other Android users locate their lost or stolen devices. It is not known as to what specific type of Android devices will be accessible via the upgraded Find My Device network.

Out of the 3 billion devices registered on Android, a majority of them are smartphones, which you can already find on Find My Device. However, you can’t currently find other people’s smartphones via Find My Device. The report did not provide any further details on this new Find My Device network. If Google does bring the ability to find other people’s misplaced Android devices via Find My Device, the company’s network would certainly have an edge over Apple’s Find My network. However, Google will also have to factor in the safety concerns that come with the ability of finding other people’s devices.